art and culture crossroads on the biggest monolith of Europe

The RURAL ART VILLAGE SAKSALANHARJU in east Finland is an innovative initiative to bring new activities, people and work to the region.

The intention is to create an area (Saksalanharju on the biggest monolith of Europe) where artists, artisans, handicraftsmen and local producers build a community based on quality, expertise, knowledge and involvement. The ateliers, work spaces and small sized enterprises will develop, produce, sell and show their products and specialties.

Art and design, handicraft, traditional products and producing (agriculture and forestry), traditional techniques, music, and literature are the main activities in this upcoming community.

The area of Saksala is extremely suitable for new and original plans to develop an innovative art community – RURAL ART VILLAGE SAKSALANHARJU -
There are buildings with enough space to house: studios, ateliers, workspaces, museum, gallery, library, meeting room etc.
There is a nature with many possibilities for tourists, artists, visitors to walk, swim, go on bike.
The nature heritage Saksalanharju on the largest monolith of Europe has the potential to be an exceptional attraction for selected target groups.
Professional expertise and practice in the field of art, art education and rehabilitation with art brings high qualified content to the products, program parts.
The area with fields and forests are very suitable for a sculpture park with contemporary art, nature paths, local products, small entrepreneurs.
Events in the field of art, culture, music, theatre are attractive for national and international tourists.

The government has to be a partner which has an eye for the offered cultural possibilities by the art centre and sculpture park.
The local community is part of the development of SAKSALANHARJU.
The local specialists, like farmers, officials, with an open mind for expertise and cooperation can participate in the development of the ‘RURAL ART VILLAGE SAKSALANHARJU’
Different other companies with fishing, canoeing, gift and art shop etc can complete the offer for visitors
Together with others Saksala ArtRadius will be a partner in this concept.

"Creativity is the key to economic recovery. Public investment in the arts and heritage helps to generate the cultural capital that feeds the creative industries with knowledge, practical experience and inspiration." quote from the report Cultural Capital - A Manifesto for the Future from Arts Council England. This report continues with: "Every artist is an entrepreneur, cultural organizations and educational institutions nourish the people and ideas that make money for this country through design, fashion, advertising, computer games, music, film and television. A creative industry depends on its cultural resources: during a decade of investments in public sector arts and heritage, the creative and cultural industries have grown faster than the rest of the economy, and account for 6.2% of Gross Value Added."

Saksalanharju in 1960 with fields, orchards and buildings.

The fruitful area of Saksalanharju has been in use throughout history.



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