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winter view of the LABYRINTH
summer view of the LABYRINTH

The FOREST-LABYRINTH on Saksalanharju is the first Finnish labyrinth in a forest. This attraction is created by different artists and developing during the years. Different parts of the LABYRINTH will get an own atmosphere and different art objects.

The labyrinth is developed from a neglected area with pine trees and birches. This base has made that the paths and the open areas are not like in a usual labyrinth. Every year new parts will be open for the public.

The forest-LABYRINTH and the children's LABYRINTH are part of art centre Saksala ArtRadius.

The LABYRINTH has been the result of the labyrinth contest in 2006. In 2007 Ulrika Sparre and Irene Anton have started to build the ground plan.

The forest LABYRINTH and the children's LABYRINTH are supported by:

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