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The area located on Saksalanharju and kirkonkylä has a remarkable history. It is important to collect, register, document and research the information as it is still available. During exhibitions people add information to presentation and also stories are recorded as oral documentation.

The history of the nature heritage Saksalanharju-kirkonkylä is not documented yet, but in art centre Saksala ArtRadius it is part of the annual exhibition HAUKIVUORI MUISTOISSAMME.

The first exhibition HAUKIVUORI MUISTOISSAMME has been installed in 2007 and has given general information about the history of Haukivuori based on the book:
Perrine Albumi
and images, documentation and objects collected by the people of Haukivuori.

The content of the second exhibition HAUKIVUORI MUISTOISSAMME in 2008 has been focusing on the LOTTA/SVARD movement in Haukivuori,  Sahan Saara as a representative of the local saw mill factory and the history of Saksala.

In 2009 the exhibition HAUKIVUORI MUISTOISSAMME has attended on the person sauva Anna who has lived from the age of 16 until her dead in the old people's home Saksala, the buildings and the workers of Haukivuori.

In 2010 the exhibition HAUKIVUORI MUISTOISSAMME has been composed by the art historian Marja-Liisa Häyrinen who has done research after the position of orphan children in the second half of the 19th century in Finland. The exhibition has been build on the information of two examples Ida-Maria Hänninen and sauva Anna, both children have been in this governmental system.
The exhibition has informed also about the 'kaski' system of burning the woods into fruitful fields.
The sketches of Anna Sahlstén contribute to the image of the people living that time in this region and also to the flowers growing in that area. 



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