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  • the pilot project CROSSROADS SAKSALANHARJU 2009-2010

  • CROSSROADS SAKSALANHARJU will create a platform to investigate and exchange, collaborate and produce international multidisciplinary dialogue. This dialogue will be realized with migrant artists living in NORDIC countries.

    The leading participants of the collaboration and workshops will exchange and collaborate with native artists and others and interact with cultural workers, teachers, craftsmen, policymakers and youth of the multicultural community of Haukivuori (another target group of this project). Through this, also local youth can develop their artistic skills and increase consciousness about their specific roots and relationship with northern Europe.

    The location Saksalanharju will be viewed through the eyes of professional observers with the specific goal of to shape a concrete impression.

    Through intense dialogue the arts professionals will communicate verbally and visually. This project will contribute to cultural exchange and increase awareness of historical and cultural knowledge as well as the emergence of new traditions and contemporary cultural heritage in the NORDIC region. It will develop more democratic access into cultural participation, also on specific NORDIC rural areas.

    In different sessions from 4 to 6 weeks artists create one or more art works, (this can include drawings, paintings, installations, site specific art, sculptures, video and/ or mixed media). The artists will have to collaborate with each other aimed at challenging them to cross the boundaries of their own work and attain new influences.

    The pilot project CROSSROADS SAKSALANHARJU has got funding by:

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