art and culture crossroads on the biggest monolith of Europe


Saksalanharju, an ancient settlement site, is situated in South East rural Finland between the small cities Mikkeli and Pieksämäki.

The Saksalanharju ridge is the crossroads for art and culture.
The authentic landscape, with fields and forests around Saksalanharju together with the excellent art center, design carpenter, artisans and farmers, creates good possibilities for an innovative art village that will be attractive for visitors from Finland and abroad.

Currently art center Saksala ArtRadius is founded on the ridge of Saksalanharju. The profile of the art center is based on cooperative art projects, art education and international cultural exchange.

The tranquil landscape, with fields and forests around Saksalanharju, creates good possibilities for maximum concentration on art work, retreat and nature experiences.

The nature heritage Saksalanharju-kirkonkylä near  lake Kyyvesi is part of the old center of Haukivuori.

The old vicarage and the historic bell tower are  monuments of the past. The main road in kirkonkylä has still an authentic atmosphere.


green area: monolith Saksalanharju
yellow area: crossroads area

The monolith (drumliini) - MOR-Y06-049 Saksalanharju is the biggest monolith of Europe, maybe even worldwide.
Registration number: MOR-Y06-049
Types: drumlin
Height: 168 meter
Length: 5 499 meter
Width: 1 600 meter

The publication TÄMÄ ON MEIDÄN LUONTOMME - THIS IS OUR NATURE is a unique and valuable document of the future history of a rural region. It is based on the art works of professional artists, children and it contents texts by different involved persons.

The book "SAKSALA ON THE ROCK" is an interesting publication that gives impressions about Saksalanharju and Saksala.

The catalog "HOMO ERECTUS" is a review of the second symposium on Saksalanharju.

It is possible to order the books by the internet.

artistic view on S...
By Marja de Jong
sculpture symposiu...
By Saksala ArtRadius



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